Alisha Morgan is a personal historian and the owner of Paperclipped Memories, LLC. Her business helps individuals and families preserve their life stories in printed hard- or softcover books. Alisha’s knows her clients love their families, and recognize the importance of safeguarding their history and heritage for the next generation. She helps clients save time and eliminate frustration by doing the hard work herself—interviewing, writing, and book design—so they can enjoy more quality time with the ones they love.

Business Beginnings

In early 2010, Alisha began searching for her mom’s paternal relatives. Her mom knew next to nothing about her father’s family. After signing up on Ancestry, Alisha became absorbed with the research process, and eventually branched out to researching other parts of her family when her Callahan roots hit a brick wall. At the same time, she questioned her mother and paternal grandparents about their lives, looking for more research clues. Alisha discovered a growing interest in writing down their stories, and her involvement with recording personal history developed from there. She loved hearing and writing stories before researching her genealogy. She never imagined this series of events would lead her to opening Paperclipped Memories, LLC, a personal history ghostwriting business.

Business Name

When Alisha scrapbooks, she paperclips stacks of photos together when categorizing them, and lowering the odds of misplacing one or two. One night, while scrapbooking some of her mema’s old black and white pictures, it occurred to her how odd it was to have her mema’s memories paperclipped together in multiple tidy piles. Hence the name Paperclipped Memories.

Note: Never leave photos paperclipped together! Clips leave indentations on the pictures if left that way for an extended period of time. They may also rust.

Photo of Alisha Morgan


A native of Tallahassee, Florida, Alisha graduated from James S. Rickards High School in 2004 and Tallahassee Community College in 2008 (A. A. Degree). Afterward, she transferred to Florida State University and studied Creative Writing (major) and Film Studies (minor).


Alisha participated as a member of several organizations.

  • The Association of Personal Historians was the only trade organization for personal historians for more than 20 years before dissolving in 2017.
    • Member from 2011 to 2017
    • Served on the Board of Directors as the Online Director from 2016 to 2017
      • Advised and directed the 2016 website transition, improving the web content and user experience.
      • Redesigned the APH blog for better social media engagement and user experience.
      • Managed the organization’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).
      • Monitored the organization’s Facebook group.
      • Participated in a membership drive campaign with other Board of Directors.
  • Council on Culture & Arts
  • Tallahassee Writers Association
  • Florida Writers Association
  • National Association of Professional Women
About July 28, 2011

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Service Area

Services provided for Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas up to 250 miles away.

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