Personal History

Legacy Stories

Life / Legacy StoriesCaptures a lifetime of events, memories, mementos and pictures in a ghostwritten memoir.

Family History

Family History BooksCollects stories about family ancestors and their descendants, copies of records, photos, and other information that a family wishes to save.

Community History Books

Community History BooksA comprehensive book observing the rich culture and history of a given community.

Tribute Books

Tribute / Memorial BooksA memorial for someone who has passed away. It often includes letters, mementos, drawings, and photos. Interviews with loved ones is an option, too.

Niche Personal History Books

Celebration & Event Books

Celebration and Event BooksCovers a single event or a series of similar events. A great option for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, retirement parties, and weddings.

Family Cookbooks

Family CookbooksReplace those individual recipe cards now! Gather your family’s favorite recipes and foodie stories together in a book that you will cherish forever.

Pet Books

Pet BooksCommemorate your bond with a special animal in your life. Tell the story of how you found your pet and the special adventures you shared together.

Photo Books

Photo BooksPut together a selection of your pictures—scanned and enhanced when necessary—along with captions and dates.


ScrapbooksMixes your photos with creative designs and journaling. Available as a traditional (by-hand) scrapbook, or a digitally designed and professionally printed book.

Travel Books

Travel BooksOrganize your vacation and travel photos, including commentary about the places you visited, the people you met, and the sights you saw while there.

Wall Art

Bespoke Word Art

Bespoke Word ArtTell your story with bespoke word art. Every piece is personalized. Great for home decor and gifts!

Family Tree Word Art

Family Tree Word ArtAn artistic version of your family tree that uses names and birthdays to form the tree.

Other Services

Genealogy Research

GenealogyAre you interested in finding your ancestors? Do you lack the time or patience to research your genealogy? Save yourself the headache and let me to tackle your family tree instead!

Photo Organization

Photo OrganizationDo you want to organize all your photos, label them with names and dates, and safely store them from the elements? Allow me to help!

Writing and Editing

Writing and EditingWeb content, printed marketing literature, book blurbs, and anything in between — let me handle your tough writing jobs. I can create new content or edit an existing document. I’ve even written resume bios! No job is too big or too small.

  1. I do not claim to be a certified genealogist. I’m a genealogy enthusiast with experience researching, creating, and maintaining family trees. Genealogy research increases the price because it is extremely time-consuming. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about my experience, view a family tree example, or need a price quote.

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