Community History Books

A community history book is just that—a comprehensive book observing the rich culture and history of a given community.


  • Preserve a wide range of local history, including the founding families, schools, cemeteries, churches, businesses, and more.
  • Document the history of a single building, location, or person with great significance within the community.
  • Honor past and present members of the military by documenting their bravery and what that means to your community. Other possible subjects: Law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders.
  • Safeguard the legacy of local political leaders and significant movements within your community.
  • Save the history of a meaningful local landmark.

The Process:

  1. First, I will meet with the client(s) for the initial consultation to discuss the project’s subject, the elements that will be included (pictures, letters, records, etc), who will be interviewed, and any necessary extra research.
  2. Then, the client(s) and I will compile a list of interview questions.
  3. Next, all interviews will be scheduled, conducted, and transcribed.
  4. Simultaneously, I will begin compiling extra research, as well as organizing other included elements (photos, letters, etc).
  5. Once the research is finished and the interviews are transcribed, I will begin writing the first draft of the book.
  6. When the first draft is complete, I will give it to the client(s) for corrections, such as names, dates, locations, and tweaks or inclusions of passages in the text. The sooner the client returns the copy, the faster the project will be completed.
  7. After the first round of revisions are done, and the copy has been approved, I will then design the book’s layout and cover.
  8. When I complete the design, the client(s) will preview the book and have another opportunity to make small revisions to the text and book design.
  9. After the book copy is approved, I will submit it to the publisher and deliver the finished product to the client(s) as soon as it arrives.

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Community History Books October 6, 2011

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