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I am message box. Click edit button to change this text.Do away with recipes scrawled across loose pieces of notebook paper, or individual recipe cards stuck inside a cookbook like a book marker. Instead, store all of your favorite family recipes in a cookbook designed with your family in mind!


  • Many families pass down recipes from one generation to another. Some families have special dishes that they prepare by hand just the way great grandma did it. Store those precious recipes in a place that will last for many generations to come!
  • Family cookbooks are a great source of stories! Before each recipe, include a story about who created it, when your family serves the dish, or what it means to you.
  • Food is a key component in jogging our memories. Ask various family members about memories they have tied to a given dish, and incorporate the stories into the cookbook.
  • Genealogy books are usually sold or given out at a family reunion. Try something different by distributing a family cookbook instead!

The Process:

  1. First, I will meet with the client for the initial consultation to discuss what he or she wants to include in the cookbook. This typically includes a rough number of recipes, and discussing the inclusion of stories and photos.
  2. If interviews are necessary for extra stories, then I will conduct and transcribe them as required.
  3. Any photos of prepared food will need to be arranged by an outside photographer.
  4. I will then create the first draft of the cookbook, including all recipes and stories.
  5. Once it is complete, I will give the first draft to the client for corrections. The sooner the client returns the copy, the faster the project will be completed.
  6. After completing all revisions to the manuscript, I will create a book layout and cover design.
  7. Lastly, the client will review the book text and design. Once approved by the client, I will submit the book to the publisher and deliver it to the client as soon as the book arrives.

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Family Cookbooks May 29, 2012

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