Family History Books

Every family has a story. Do you know yours?

A family history book combines genealogy with storytelling, giving you a family tree and a collection of family stories. These books preserve your heritage, benefiting of your children and grandchildren.


  • Preserve genealogical history and family stories for future generations.
  • Great for family reunions!
  • Unique gifts for holidays and special occasions.
  • Work them solo or with your whole family!

The Process:

  1. Meet with the client for the initial consultation. Discuss the information that will be included in a family story, book length, and-Who else (if anyone) will be interviewed.I can conduct genealogy research for the client, but will need to know as much information as possible (name, birth/death date & place, spouse, etc)1.
  2. Conduct a series of interviews (one to two-hour long sessions). Most histories benefit from at least six hours of interview time.
  3. Transcribe each interview and use the transcript to create the client’s family story.
  4. Give the first draft to the client for corrections. The sooner the client returns the copy, the faster the project will be completed.
  5. Once I complete all revisions, I need the client should provide me with any images and captions that will appear in the book. I will then complete the book’s layout and cover design.
  6. Once the client has approved the book copy, I will submit it to the publisher and deliver the finished product to the client as soon as it arrives.

  1. I do not claim to be a certified genealogist. I am simply a genealogy enthusiast with experience researching, creating, and maintaining family trees.

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Family History Books October 6, 2011

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