Photo Books

Comprised mostly of pictures with captions, photo books are a great way to organize and store your personal images.

Some people only have digital copies of their pictures. What happens when you want to show your friends or family those great vacation pictures? Do you gather around the computer screen? Or, what if your hard drive crashes and the pictures are not recoverable?

Photo books are an answer to these problems. You might prefer avoiding the traditional route of printing out the originals, but you can certainly store your photos with ease in one of these books.

The Process:

  1. First, I will meet with the client for the initial consultation to discuss what he or she wants in a photo book and who else (if anyone) will be interviewed.
  2. Then, either the client will solely collect the photographs or we will collect them together. Later, I will interview the client about the photos to find out what short stories might be added to the book. *If the client only wants a picture book, then I will skip this part.
  3. I will transcribe this interview and use it to create copy. At the same time, I will put the stories with the pictures.
  4. Then, I ask the client to check for corrections. The sooner the client returns the copy, the faster the project will be completed.
  5. After any revisions are completed, I will submit it to the publisher and deliver the finished product to the client as soon as it arrives.

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Photo Books August 17, 2011

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