Paperclipped Memories produces both traditional and digital scrapbooks using your photos and style preferences. Because they are so versatile, every project listed on this website can be completed as a scrapbook. If you have a custom project in mind, please feel free to contact me with details and we will go from there.

The Process:

  1. First, I will meet with the client for the initial consultation to discuss what he or she wants in the scrapbook and who else (if anyone) will be interviewed. I will also ask about any other sources the client might want included, such as letters, tickets, buttons, keepsakes, certificates, etc.
  2. Then, I will conduct a series of interviews, in typically one to two hour long sessions. Scrapbook interview times vary with each project.
  3. I will then transcribe each interview.
  4. Before gluing anything to paper, I will show the transcription(s) to the client along with my notes, which will indicate which pages should be paired with what portion of text. I will describe what photos I plan to use for those pages, as well as any letters, certificates, etc. I will also provide samples of my paper collection and get an idea of what papers appeal to the client and best reflect the scrapbook’s general theme.
  5. From there, I will pull everything together and create a couple of scrapbook pages. With every couple of pages, I will expect the client to look over the work and either sign off on the design or offer suggestions for correction.
  6. When the entire book is complete, I will deliver it to the client.

All Paperclipped Memories digital scrapbook pages are created using digital scrapbooking graphics from (professional license), Trixie Scraps, OR original graphics.

Contact me for a free 40-minute consultation!

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Services provided for Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas up to 250 miles away.

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