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A travel book is perfect for the adventurous types, or those who just enjoy different scenery and cultures. It combines the client’s photos with commentary about the trip. If traveling or vacations are important to you, then preserve all of your wonderful memories in a professional book that will last a lifetime!


  • In March 2012, Rick Steves gave a talk in Tallahassee about his many travels through Europe. He advised everyone to immerse themselves in the local culture wherever they visit. If you are that kind of traveler, then preserve your eye-opening experiences and share them for many years to come!
  • Want to remember your honeymoon in vivid detail? Use all of those honeymoon snap shots to recreate your trip from beginning to end. Include stories about the people you met, the things you saw, and the places you visited while celebrating your new marriage!
  • College students often travel abroad during their years in school. Save those once in a lifetime experiences with a travel book!

The Process:

  1. First, I will meet with the client for the initial consultation to discuss what he or she wants to include in the travel book. Typically, this includes many photos, postcards, journal entries, and commentary. If the client is the type of traveler that writes about his or her experiences during or after the trip, then I can use that narative for the book. However, if the client has not written anything down, then we will schedule interview times.
  2. If an interview is necessary, then I will conduct it as soon as possible. We can discuss any topics relating to the trip, such as (but not limited to) the people, the weather, landmarks, food, and culture.
  3. Simultaneously, the client and I will arrange the photos in order of appearance, as well as note who appears in each photo and the story behind them.
  4. Next, I will transcribe the interview. Using either the transcription or the client’s notes, I will then create the first draft of the story.
  5. Once it is complete, I will give the first draft to the client for corrections. The sooner the client returns the copy, the faster the project will be completed.
  6. After completing all revisions to the manuscript, I will create a book layout and cover design.
  7. Lastly, the client will review the book text and design. Once approved by the client, I will submit the book to the publisher and deliver it to the client as soon as the book arrives.

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Travel Books May 29, 2012

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